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The Bank-Firm relationship, the informational asymmetries between banks and firms and the lack of financial communication of SMEs. These problems can lead to difficulties in the financial management of the company, possibly causing or exacerbating liquidity problems and thus putting at risk the continuity of business itself. Hence the role of the Rating Advisor, the specialized Chartered Accountant, that in fact is the point of contact between the SMEs and its financial partners.
What emerges is that Italian SMEs today are not ready to the ongoing changes, dictated by adaptation to the Basel rules, and they risk being cut off not only from access to traditional credit, but also from the use of new financial instruments, alternative or rather complementary to the banking channel, such as the finance bills and the c.d. mini bonds, from the opportunities offered by institutional investors, such as Private Equity Funds, Pension Funds, Insurance. And the risks are obvious when you consider that our production system will face in the coming years a Funding Gap. The banking system, as a whole, will not be able to provide sufficient financial resources to firms. Who, therefore, will not be able to raise funds from alternative sources, will face inevitable liquidity problems.
It 's essential that the Italian SMEs – whose forms are different from larger companies, which can bear the cost of taking internal managers - structure their financial management through the specialized professionalism of an external consultant, whose job is to analyze, plan and monitor the financial management, as well as the strategic and organizational management. Objective: greater transparency among companies, banks, suppliers, customers and generally all national and international stakeholders.
Rating Advisory Italian Association (AIRA) is now the benchmark in Italy of specialized professionals in this sector.

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