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Project Expansion- 03/12/2014 Workshop Milan
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 Wednesday, December 3 in Milan - at the headquarters of Monte dei Paschi di Siena - the Workshop focused on the opportunities of public Rating and the activities of Rating Advisory as support for the development of Italian SMEs. The workshop has been an important stage of the project Expansion, the cycle of seminars and workshops linked with the activity of Rating Advisory to be developed throughout the country.
The event, sponsored by the Rating Advisory Italian Association (AIRA), represented by the Chairman Dr. Mario Bowinkel, who is as well Chairman of the Committee of Finance and Financial Markets of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Naples, was moderated by Dr. Aldo Campagnola, President of Eurodefì. Also attending Dr. Carlo Arlotta, representing the Order of Chartered Accountants of Milan, as Chairman of the Finance Committee.
Dr. Antonio Cesarano, Head of Market Strategy of MPS Capital Services, took stock of the monetary policies implemented internationally, outlining the likely macroeconomic scenario in 2015. Transparency, financial communications, Rating Advisory, these are the most obvious elements supporting business management in this context, in line with the strategic objectives of the European Central Bank.
The Chief Executive Officer of Cerved Rating Agency, Dr. Mauro Alfonso, has examined in depth the process of developing a public Rating and the opportunities for SMEs. Dr. Mario Bowinkel returned to the topic emphasizing the relevance of such a virtuous path during the process of internationalization of our firms and the importance of the qualitative aspects still too often underestimated. The issues of the funding gap and alternative financial sources to the banking channel were also addressed.
Dr. Davide Arculeo, CEO of Midas Srl also discussed the aspects of risk management affecting the company rating.
The end of the meeting howed the urgency for companies to be more structured, that is, to place themselves in a position to deal successfully with these processes and to improve their ability to access credit.
Analysis, planning and monitoring of the financial management, today are essential for small businesses, immersed in a competitive environment that surpasses local boundaries.
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