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On 26/06/2014 – as for official deed in Naples – the Rating Advisory Italian Association (AIRA) has been constituted.
Thursday, 03/07/2014: the Italian Association Rating Advisory (AIRA) has been presented at the headquarters of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Naples.
The important initiative has been presented by Dr. Mario Bowinkel, President of the newly formed Association and President of the Committee of Finance and Financial Markets of ODCEC of Naples.
The occasion was the workshop on the opportunities of the public Rating and the activity of Rating Advisory to support the development of SMEs, organized by the Committee of Finance and Financial Markets of the Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Naples in collaboration with Cerved Rating Agency. An important moment of confrontation between the Consultants specialized in the activity of Rating Advisory, the Rating Agencies, the Firms, the 
Lending Institutions.
Among the attendees, Dr. Vincenzo Moretta, President of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Naples, and Dr. Mauro Alfonso, CEO of Cerved Rating Agency.
A unique opportunity to take stock of the ongoing changes in the world of Finance and SMEs, as well as to increase our awareness about the "tools" and "persons" who can be a reference, a compass for SMEs in this phase of innovation, with the goal of a "balanced development".
The Mission of the Association - independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit - is to promote and develop in an authoritative, structured and continuous way the professional activity of Rating Advisory and Financial Planning in Italy and the figure of a specialized chartered accountant, creating a Network of Consultants with excellent professionalism and specialization based throughout the country.
AIRA will promote, in fact, the specialized training of the professionals who assist SMEs, identify and contribute to the development of operational tools necessary for the exercise of entrepreneurial activity, raise awareness among companies to the ongoing changes in the way of doing business in Italy, work with financial institutions and public and private entities in order to identify the best ways to implement or facilitate the path of innovation.
The Association was founded within the projects and activities initiated in 2013-2014 by the Committee "Finance and Financial Markets" of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Naples in the sector of Rating Advisory and its objective is the development of this activity at a national level, with the aim of increasing the spread of culture and financial management of entrepreneurs and professionals who assist SMEs, to raise awareness among firms in the adoption of corporate policies that facilitate investments in SMEs not only by the national and international banking system but also by Private Equity Funds, Pension Funds, Insurance. AIRA will stimulate companies to the use of domestic and international capital, promoting the strengthening of capital of SMEs and the aggregation processes between firms.
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