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25/11/2015 - “AIRA and the SMEs Growth”, Financial and Credit Consortium
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Since last October, the Rating Advisory Italian Association (AIRA) started a new collaboration with the Financial and Credit Consortium, which acts as a functional institution for Italian Chambers of Commerce and collaborates with other Institutions in several projects, semplifying the Small and Medium sized Enterprises access to credit and financial markets.
Financial and Credit Consortium’s mission is thinking and realizing some growth-oriented initiatives and projects for the Small and Medium sized Enterprises, creating tools and paths that could facilitate debt and risk capitals access.
The Consortium activities are divided in three areas of action:
1. Research and Communication
2. Planning and Strategic Advicing
3. Training and Events
1. Research and Communication area concerns the economical and financial culture creation activities 
meant to be applied to Chambers of Commerce, Small and Medium sized Enterprises, Credit Consortia and other institutional bodies.
In particular, it’s about realizing studies, researches and territorial/national analyses, guides and vademecum about Small and Medium sized Enterprise’s Credit and Finance.
2. Planning and Advicing area provides enterprise and territory development aimed specialistic services, providing finance consultancy service and promoting contacts between enterprises and several financial and institutional partners.
3. Training and Events area realizes seminars, workshops, forming courses and conferences aiming to 
spread the financial culture among the Small and Medium sized Enterprises, with regard to Rating, Basel 2, Risk Capital and different forms of innovative finance that could help the development of the enterprises and the territory in which it’s situated.
Within the framework of this collaboration, please find below the link to the November 2015 issue of the Financial and Credit Consortium publication, including the “Rating Advisory Italian Association (AIRA) and the Italian Small and Medium sized Enterprises development” article, written by Dr. Mario Bowinkel, AIRA Chairman.
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