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23/09/2015 - Established for the 2015/2016 academic year the first Specialization Course, in Italy, in RATING ADVISORY
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For the first time in Italy - from the 2015/2016 academic year - at the University of Naples Federico II, the Specialization Course in RATING ADVISORY has been established, promoted by the Rating Advisory Italian Association (AIRA) and the Finance and Financial Markets Committee of ODCEC Naples, led by President Dr. Mario Bowinkel.
The important post-graduate degree course is aimed at graduates and Certified Public Accountants; the latter may also attend only some specific courses, thanks to agreements between ODCEC Naples, AIRA and University of Naples Federico II.
The result of the Framework Agreement of 11/02/2015 and the Implementing Agreement of 30/06/2015 signed between ODCEC Naples - AIRA - Department of Political Science of University of Naples Federico II, relating to the activity of RATING ADVISORY, has been the 23/09/2015 Ordinance issued by the Rector of Federico II establishing the course in Rating Advisory from the academic year 2015/2016 and the publication of the Rules of operation of the course and, therefore, the 23/10/2015 publication of the competition announcement for enrollment.
The course follows the three previous editions of the Master organized by the Finance and Financial Markets Committee of ODCEC Naples and AIRA.
Many prestigious guest speakers in the program and for the most deserving students there is also the opportunity to participate in Internships in major financial institutions and companies once completed the training.
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