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The Committee of Finance and Financial Markets of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Naples has promoted and developed a course of higher education - the Master in "Rating Advisory and Financial Planning" - aimed at the optimal management of the bank-firm relationship. This path originates from the evidence that emerged as a result of the current international crisis, which clearly showed the criticality of Italian SMEs and the Italian production system, revealing the inescapable change now in a consolidation phase, that companies have to face through the adoption of the most advanced techniques of financial management, also in order to obtain a more conscious relationship between the firm and their financial partners.
The methods of analysis and the operational tools in question must allow the activation of a proper system of continuous monitoring of financial management - with a particular focus on the balance sheet, the balance of the capital structure, the financial sustainability - in order to improve the bank-firm relationship and the ability of SMEs to access to credit.
The new operational constraints imposed by Basel 2 - and even more from Basel 3 - require constant attention on all the credit risk factors that impact on the management of firms, especially SMEs.
Informational asymmetries between banks and firms can be greatly reduced through the fundamental role of specialized Chartered Accountants in the analysis and assessment of the creditworthiness of companies (Rating Advisory).
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